Caramel and Caramel Crafted Popcorn in Various Flavors

Caramel Popcorn & Variety of Caramels
by Annie B's


Date of Review: 08/17/2013

Price: $.45-.49 per Caramel Stick
$1.49 per 2.5 oz. Bag of Caramel Corn


Annie B's is a handmade caramels company located in Kellogg, Minnesota.

For this review, I received a package of 6 caramel sticks and 1 bag of caramel popcorn from Kathy Klapperich of Annie B's Caramels.

The flavors of caramel sticks were: Cappacino Carame, Butter Rum Caramel, Old Fashioned Caramel, Sea Salt Caramel, Chocolate Caramel, and Blueberry Caramel.

I was a little surprised at the variety of caramels. The pamphlet that came with them states that the sticks come in 16 flavors of caramels (some are seasonal).

It, also, states that they are a family-owned business of 35 years and the caramels are handmade and gluten-free - with no preservatives. The shelf life is 10 months, if refrigerated - or 3 months if on display as working inventory. They offer a 90-day guarantee on opening order. The fact that they are made with no preservatives and are gluten-free, is something to mention as I always buy natural items over processed and preserved items any day.

I tasted each of the caramel sticks that were sent and I can honestly say that I liked all of them. Truth be told, though, I am coming to this review with the mindset that caramels are not usually high on my list of snacking foods ... However ... my first bite was of the Blueberry Caramel stick, which actually reminded me of blueberry muffins. After tasting this initial bite, I was excited to see what the other flavors tasted like.

A big plus for this review was that the caramels seem to be actually lighter (smoother?) than regular caramels and none of them seemed to stick to my teeth like the commercial brands.

My favorite (of the caramel sticks) was the Sea Salt Caramel, which gave a salty, yet sweet taste (both) at the same time.

And, as for the caramel popcorn, I like the taste but because the seeds are a part of it, I don't usually eat it often ... Nothing is worse than taking a bite and biting into a seed - as it breaks your teeth and jaws. However, the Annie B's Caramel Corn package claims to be "The Most Irresistable Caramel Corn Ever Made" ... and I can see how they can say this ... it is light and fluffy with a smooth buttery taste.

I shared the package with a couple of others and the reactions were all pretty much the same - very impressed with the Annie B's line.


Recommended: YES


Where to Buy: In person at any of the many retailers listed (on their website) throughout the United States Or, you can purchase the products online (direct) from Annie B's:







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