Three-Green 'Real' Christmas Wreath with Pine Cones and Berries

Three-Green 'Real' Christmas Wreath
with Pine Cones & Berries
by Birch Wreath


Date of Review: 12/01/2010

Price: $30.00


This afternoon, I received a Christmas Wreath from Birch Wreath, a member of Midwest Craft Connection.

As I opened the package, I was instantly hit with the smell of fresh pine. That fresh pine smell soon took over my whole living room. It was like having a real Christmas tree in the house already! If you're not feeling the Christmas cheer, yet ... order one of these and you soon will be!

I pulled the wreath out of the box and noticed that the bow had come unattached and was sitting in the middle of the wreath - obviously, this was carefully planned so that it wouldn't be crushed during shipping.

As I took the wreath out of the box, I noticed that it had formed into a squarish shape so I laid it on my coffee table and fluffed the branches back into the circular shape, as I had been instructed to do, and I let it set.

After about 30 minutes, I came back to the balsam wreath, it had relaxed perfectly and was gorgeous!

This real balsam wreath was made with the freshest combination of three types of greenery - balsam, cedar, and scotch pine. There are three sets of real pine cones carefully placed around the wreath with some bright red berry accents. The berries are not real but they do give it just the right amount of a Christmas red color to enhance the deep natural greenery. Actually, I think using the fake berries was a good idea because if real berries had been used, I have a feeling my wreath may not last very long with the wild critters around here. Again - well thought-out details!

I have never seen a more perfect REAL wreath !

If anyone wants the perfect Christmas Wreath, I would suggest contacting Galen - it's obvious that he takes the time to deal with all the little details so that each wreath is absolutely perfect upon arrival!

Unfortunately, the photo does not represent the true beauty of this wreath ... it is even more stunning in person! I do have to make note of the only bad thing about this wreath ... until I had hung this on my door, I didn't actually realize how faded (from the sun) my front door has become ... hmmm ... I think that may have to be a project for warmer weather so next year, when I buy my new wreath, it will ALL look perfect! :-)


Recommended: YES


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