Corner Market & Greenhouse's MiCasa Salsa Mix

MiCasa Salsa Mix
by Corner Market & Greenhouse


Date of Review: 03/22/2012

Price: $2.99 per package
or $22.94/per 6 packages with shipping


We received the MiCasa Salsa Mix from Corner Market and Greenhouse (in Oelwein, Iowa), a large shop with a little bit of everything. They bought the company, MiCasa, from the original owners and now they manufacture the salsa - along with other mixes.

The mix is touted as fat-free and cholesterol free. You can find out specific dietary information on their website.

This salsa is very easy to make ... just add 8 cups of chopped tomatoes, a 6 oz. can of tomato paste, and 1/2 cup of vinegar.

It didn't taste like normal salsa ... this had a little bit of a different flavor. I tried it with a friend and my friend really liked it and thought it had a 'kick'. I didn't think it was really hot at first ... it had sort of a mellow going in flavor ... it wasn't until after I had already eaten it that I felt the bite. I should probably say that I normally do not eat salsa. My friend eats it regularly and he really liked it and ate all of what was in the bowl. He is (also) planning to take the rest in to work for the guys.

I would say this is definitely a 'thumb up' salsa. If you like salsa, this is one that you should try! It is a unique salsa that is very affordable since it makes a large amount for the price of one jar of others.


Recommended: YES


Where to Buy: You can find information about this salsa on their website: and it can be purchased directly from their store or by calling (319) 283-1905.







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