DJ's Finished Metal Art Powdercoated Welcome Sign

Customized & Finished Metal
Art 'Welcome' Sign
by DJ's Metal Art


Date of Review: 08/05/2011

Price: $ Varies by Design


DJ's Metal Art (formerly known as DJ's Arts and Parts) is a metal finishing and powder-coating business located in Withee, Wisconsin. DJ can create almost anything using your own personal designs or any of the thousands of designs from his catalogs - and he can create them using many types of metals to suit your needs.

I was immediately impressed with the quality of his finished metal art pieces. The quality was outstanding and the finished metal looked very professional - smooth edges, no drips on the paint, etc - VERY NICE! Plus, I noticed that the metal wall art pieces were very affordable. I would have expected to pay a great deal more for quality metal art designs like what I saw.

By 6:00 pm, I had not yet gotten a call and was starting to wonder. Just then, a delivery truck pulled up and I realized he had actually sent me a package.

Even though I created DJ's Metal Art website, I hadn't actually seen any of his metal designs (in person) until months after I finished his website when I took a trip to Warrens, Wisconsin. I design websites for people all over the USA so this is not unusual. Anyway, I stayed at the Three Bears Lodge and Resort and DJ had some of his finished metal art designs displayed in the Gift Shop as well as a set of custom-made metal doors for the Gift Shop.

So, as I opened up the large package that DJ sent me, I couldn't help but wonder what DJ could have possibly sent me. DJ is a very talented metal designer and does some really neat projects.

After pulling out the metal wall art piece from the box, I realized that DJ sent me a customized 'Welcome' sign. It had a hummingbird sipping nectarine design and a butterfly design (above the word 'Welcome') all inside of an oval with my family name on the outside (top and bottom) of the outside edge of the oval. I was very impressed with the quality and really liked the customization work he created!

Later, I found out that DJ made the design from 14-gauge cold rolled sheet metal cut out on his CNC plasma table. He took a couple of separate designs, along with my last name, and tied them together. Then, he re-sized the complete design on his machine to a perfect 14" high x 19" wide that fits perfectly on my wall to welcome any guests. I was told that he powder-coated the metal - not painted - with Starlight Black. Powder-coating is much more durable than paint. It is a really nice speckled black coating color.

I think DJ's Metal Art is going to help me simplify my Christmas shopping this year - and make my gift-giving so much more personal ... I've already got some ideas ... Thank you, Dennis! :-)


Recommended: YES


Where to Buy: In person at DJ's Metal Art Shop in Withee, Wisconsin. Or, you can purchase the products directly online from DJ's Metal Art website:







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