Fuzzy Remover for pets and hair crafted stone

Pet Hair Removal Tool
by FurZoff


Date of Review: 03/17/2011

Price: $9.99 each or $17.99/for 2


Chris Anderson, manager of Fur-Zoff, sent me one of his Pet Hair Remover Tools.

When I received the Fur-Zoff Pet Hair Removal tool in the mail, I noticed that it looked like a simple stone inside of the product packaging - except it was very lightweight. The product packaging said that it was intended for removing pet hair from furniture, carpet, clothing, and comforters.

We don't have any pets so I came up with another use for this tool ... I DID have a brand new black comforter that we had washed with a brand new white fluffy blanket ... It was just one of those moments that I had too much on my mind and didn't think about it as I put them both in the washing machine ... BIG MISTAKE! Our brand new black comforter came out of the washing machine and looked like a black and white furry fuzzy mess. I thought I would give this tool a try to see if I could fix my mistake.

I want to give you some background on this problem that I created ... I have already tried to use those rolled tape-on-a-stick type tools to remove the fuzzies. The idea is that it will pull off the fuzzies. In actuality, I wasted tons of time and tons of sticky tape and nothing helped in the slightest. These little fuzzies were glued on good! I had, also, tried razors (and shaving the comforter) to remove the fuzzies. Don't laugh, I heard it actually works to remove pills from sweaters, too. Unfortunately, the blanket fuzz was very fine and thin and was stuck like static cling all over the black comforter. Neither of these 'tricks' worked and I finally gave up with great frustration.

So, now, I opened up the product packaging for this Fur-Zoff tool and I found it to be rather gritty - somewhat like loose sandpaper. This turned me off a little simply because of the texture and I wondered why people would actually use this on anything because I figured the grit might leave more of a mess than the actual fur.

I decided to take a chance ... I put the Fur-Zoff tool under my kitchen faucet and started running the water. Then, I set the Fur-Zoff tool on a paper towel and let it dry.

I did take a few pictures to help me give an accurate review. Here is the black comforter, before I used the Fur-Zoff tool on it:


Fuzz left on Quilted Comforter


I know you can't see much of the white fur all over the blanket, but trust me ... it was there!!! I was going to do a "before" and "after" photo but, since this photo doesn't show well, the "after" photo won't show, either.

That's alright, though, because what I'm about to show you, should be more than enough proof to anyone interested in purchasing this item!

As I used this Fur-Zoff tool on the comforter, I ONLY did a small 8" x 8" section of the blanket. I could have done more (easily) but I wanted to give a good and fair review.

I have to say, from my very first swipe across the comforter, it appeared to be gathering quite a bit of the fuzzies. I was actually amazed at what this Fur-Zoff tool looked like by the time I was done with this small section ... the tool was (literally) covered in fuzz!

To show you the proof, here is how much of the fuzzies that I pulled off from this same 8" x 8" section (that you see in the photo of the comforter above). Keep in mind, the place in the picture is EXACTLY where these fuzzies came from - and, nowhere else. The fuzzies are not enlarged, I just drew a box around them to show how much exactly came off the tool:


Fuzzy Craftball Remover


As you can see, there is a great deal of fuzzies that were removed EASILY! I was simply AMAZED and impressed at what this Fur-Zoff tool can do! The time to remove that much fuzz was just a couple of short swipes. There really was no effort involved at all.

I definitely plan to finish de-fuzzing the blanket with this handy tool. I'm guessing it will only take me about 15 minutes to do the entire king-sized blanket - as compared to the few hours it would've taken me to finish up using the rolled tape on a stick method - and still not gotten this good of results!

My final thoughts are THIS THING REALLY WORKS! I can only imagine that it would work even better with actual pet fur - just for the fact that the pet hair wouldn't be quite as hard to grab as these small man-made fiber fuzzies. I don't think any household should be without this handy tool ... regardless of whether you have pets or not!


Recommended: YES


Where to Buy: You can find the Fur-Zoff Pet Hair Removal Tool directly from the Fur-Zoff website:







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