Pure Emu Oil for Dry Skin and Oncology Treatment Care

100% Pure Emu Oil
by The Green Tree Frog Store


Date of Review: 03/21/2013

Price: $10.00


The Green Tree Frog Store was started by two nurses who have 30+ years of experience and expertise in oncology experience. They have talked and worked with patients who have had a variety of cancers and experienced various side effects associated with their treatments. It has been through that experience, that they have learned what worked for oncology patients and what didn't.

Their goal is to help people with cancer manage the side effects without harsh prescription medications. They stand behind their products and claim that the use of natural products can compliment cancer treatments and help to soothe the discomfort of daily life.

They have done clinical testing to prove that their products help ease the discomfort for cancer patients.

I was given a sample bottle of the Pure Emu Oil. I do not have cancer but I do have very severe dry and flaky skin.

I have to say, first off, that I am *extremely* picky about lotions ... anything that I put on my skin has to be non-scented and must never leave a greasy feeling on my skin (I break out easily). Anything with left-over residue or a scent is very irritating.

So, I was almost expecting to be disappointed by the 'oil' as I do not (typically) like oils since they leave a residual greasy feeling. However, as I opened up the bottle, I poured just a few drop in the palm of my hand. They had cautioned me that a little goes a long way so I didn't want to overdue it.

I have to say ... I was quite impressed. My first thought was that there was no smell to become irritated by. Then, as I began rubbing in the emu oil, it immediately began to amaze me. Within a minute, all of the oil was pretty much soaked up and my skin looked (noticeably) younger because it was actually hydrating my skin. After it was soaked in, I ended up putting even more of the emu oil on to see if it could give me even better results (my skin was pretty drastically dehydrated) - and, it did. Obviously, my skin reacted very positively to the much-needed moisture.

Overall, I don't have cancer so I can't tell if it will help those side effects, but I will say that I generally don't have much luck with 98% of the lotions and oils out on the market so this was amazing. Now, I use it regularly to improve the look and feel of my skin - it's an all-over natural moisturizing product that will help your arms, legs, hands, and feet. When this runs out, I will definitely be buying more from them!


Recommended: YES


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