Custom Handmade Minestrip Quilt

Custom-made Strip-Mine Quilt
by MyTyme Creations


Date of Review: 06/10/2013

Price: $ Varies


MyTyme Creations is a business located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It is owned and operated by two women, whose names are Elayne and Valerie, and they make many handmade custom quilts of all different kinds for all different tastes and styles. They make: patchwork quilts, strip-mine (or as they call it 'stryp-myne' like MyTyme) quilts, t-shirt quilts, toddlers to tweens quilts, seasonal quilts, as well as, quilted wall hangings and bed runners.

Previously, Elayne had asked me what colors I liked and I told her. Then, a short time later, she requested that I meet her at her place of business to go over some things.

When I went to their quilting facility, I was given an unexpected and very impressive tour. I saw beautiful handmade quilts all around. I was most surprised to see a very large room with a very large quilting machine and large work table in it. Elayne and Valerie were in the process of making a few different quilts that day. I had the pleasure of getting to watch them put together layers of a quilt and then sew it together using a quilting method called 'meandering'. They made it look like so much fun - quick and painless. I am not sure what I expected to see but it was definitely not a setup of this type. MyTyme Creations is (obviously) a professional quilting company that is well-equipped to handle some serious quilting tasks!

The cost for each of the MyTyme Creations Quilts is amazingly low for the quality that you receive. The prices are listed on their website and range from $95.00 on up, depending on your preferences. The fact that these quilts can be made quickly, and are customized with a choice of your own handpicked materials - or they can pick materials out for you, is a huge bonus. Obviously, you get your choice of sizes, but I had no idea how 'custom' each quilt could get ... I think Elayne is correct when she says that a quilt is a very personal thing. They will even re-purpose those comfy old t-shirts (like from college years or even early pre-school days) into a personalized quilt to save and remember.

After the tour, and as I was getting ready to leave and head out the door, Elayne surprised me by handing me a nicely folded up quilt inside of a clear protective zip-up case.

I was speechless. She had used the colors that I said I liked and made me a very beautiful stryp-myne quilt. It measures an approximate 73" long x 62" wide. The back of the quilt is a solid color and you can see all of the delicate sewing lines. It is made with beautiful colors and complimenting materials. The sewing on this quilt is flawless.

Thank you Elayne and Valerie for all of the hard work you have done on this beautiful quilt and for giving me an interesting tour of your quilting facility. I have already received compliments on the quilt as guests come to see me.


Recommended: YES


Where to Buy: You can find more information on custom-made quilts, like this, on the MyTyme Creations website:







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