Woodworking Video - Mini Raised Panels Made Easy with Marc Sommerfeld

Woodworking Video:
Mini-Raised Panels Made Easy
with Marc Sommerfeld
by Sommerfeld Tools


Date of Review: 10/22/2012

Price: $9.90


Sommerfeld Tools is a company in Remsen, Iowa, that started out with one man (Marc Sommerfeld, the owner) teaching industrial arts at a local high school and ended up as a professional cabinet maker and teacher to all other wood workers.

I am no expert cabinet maker but I love working with wood. I watched this video on how to make mini-raised panels and I was amazed at the level of difficulty that it would entail ... actually, it seemed pretty straight-forward and it didn't appear to be difficult at all if you had the video to watch (step-by-step) as you go. Marc made it look very easy. He is an excellent teacher and he took the time to explain what needed done and how to do it correctly. The video was very informative.

The cost of this video is $9.90 on their website - or you can (also) actually see it if you go to their youtube channel and watch it for free. They have many videos for sale and available to watch.

I feel very confident that, if I had this video in front of me as I worked, I could do the woodworking project by myself. The video has inspired me to want to create something ... so I may have to do that as soon as the weather gets a little warmer and I can get to the shed! :)

This would be a perfect gift for the woodworker in your life! In addition to the videos, they (also) have many helpful woodworking tools on their website that will help to create beautiful wood projects.


Recommended: YES


Where to Buy: You can buy any of their videos and other tools directly on their website at: You can, also, visit their youtube channel 'Sommerfeld Tools' to take a sneak preview at this video and others.







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