Stained Glass Leaves Candle Holder by Julie Bubolz of Imagination Creation

Stained Glass Leaves Candle Holder
by Stained Glass by Julie Bubolz
aka Imagination Creation


Date of Review: 01/10/2012

Price: $ Varies


Julie Bubolz sent me this beautiful stained glass candle holder. She makes a variety of items - sun catchers, candle holders, large panels, lamps & lights, and more. Her business goes by the name Stained Glass by Julie Bubolz and Imagination Creation. She accepts wholesale orders and does fundraising offers for schools or boy/girl scout troops.

This candle holder is approximately 5 1/2'' wide x 3 3/4'' deep x 4 1/2'' tall. It is a custom design by Julie and looks absolutely brilliant when the sun is shining through my window on to my table top ... this photo (unfortunately) does not do it justice.

The leaves motif, as well as, the natural colors would really fit nicely into almost any decor.

This candle holder is not what I'd typically expect when I think of 'stained glass' candle holders. It is incredibly well-built with a triangular area behind the glass for a votive candle to sit on and help reflect the light even more. It looks absoutely beautiful - and even more so when lit. This candle holder is surprisingly very heavy-duty. I was amazed at the thickness of the stained glass. I really like the variations of the swirled colorings of the glass because they give it a unique style.

If you're looking for a one of a kind gift that will make someone feel special, this is definitely it.


Recommended: YES


Where to Buy: You can find more beautiful stained glass products (not just candle holders) on her website at:







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