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Kalaya Kare Emu Moisturizer
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D & K Candles and Gifts

Seller :   Kelvin Morgan
Location :   NEEDS UPDATED, IA 99999
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Kalaya Kare Emu Moisturizer


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The Kalaya Kare comes in 2 and 4 oz bottles at $7.95 and $13.95. Using the 4 oz bottle as your facial moisturizer a pea size drop in the morning as a base and a pea sized drop in the evening as you moisturizer this bottle will last roughly 5 -6 months if used in this manner. You can use this in place of for example Oil of Olay and other popular moisturizers.Allow yourself to be pampered!

This amazing lotion perfect for your hand and face. Soaks right in and doesn't leave you with a greasy feeling. Using the exceptional benefits of Emu Oil combined with many natural extracts such as cucumber, sea kelp and many others to give your skin that wonderful silky feeling.A great product for women to use as a facial moisturizer and hand cream.

Our website has many more items - including soy candles, 100% all natural lip balm, etc. Please check us out.



Company Name : D & K Candles and Gifts
City and State : NEEDS UPDATED, IA
Kalaya Kare Emu Moisturizers, Soy Candles, 100% All Natural Lip Balm, etc. Please check us out.

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