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Thermography Business
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Midwest Craft Connection

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Thermography Business


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Thermography is the art of creating raised ink print.  It is most widely used on wedding invitations, note cards, business cards, stationery, or other fancy types of printing.

We are getting out of the thermographic printing business.  However, since this is a specific niche business that is not commonly out there everywhere, you have the opportunity to do very well.

We have four machines that we use to complete the thermographic printing process - as well as, a complete set of many extra supplies.

Machine #1:  Computer w/all Required and Additional Software - we use this to connect to the zip rip.

Machine #2:  Zip Rip - this device connects the computer and makes it 'talk' to the digital duplicator.

Machine #3:  Digital Duplicator - this machine makes slightly wet or 'tacky' prints.  We have it hooked up directly to the computer (using the zip rip) so it can print from that or it can (also) print directly from prints that are scanned.  Once something is printed, we take the paper and put it through machine #4 (the thermography machine).

Machine #4:  Thermography Machine - this machine takes the printed paper and puts a fine powder on it and shakes off the excess.  Then, it goes under a heater to 'raise' the ink and give it that fancy raised texture.

There is an art to using these machines but when you come to pick it up, we will show you our tricks.

Since there is so much heavy equipment, we will NOT be able to ship this.  Interested buyers must come to inspect and pick up on site.

We are not posting pictures of everything, however, what you will get is (at a minimum):

So, the overall total of what you get for the listed price is (NOT everything is shown in the photos):

  • Thermography Machine
  • Thermographic Powder
  • Gestetner CopyPrinter 5327
  • Storage Base/Stand on Rollers for Easy Moving
  • CopyPrinter 5327 Installation & Operator's Manual
  • CopyPrinter 5327 Service Manual
  • Zip Rip Print Controller
  • Zip Rip Print Controller Software/Drivers on a CD
  • Dell Dimension 3000 Computer
    (Computer Monitor not included)
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Microsoft Office 2003 Small Business - Full Version includes:
    1. Word
    2. Excel
    3. Outlook
    4. PowerPoint
    5. Access
    6. Publisher
  • Corel WordPerfect Office 12
  • 11 Ink Drums
  • 10 Drum Cases
  • 61 New Ink Cartridges in 10 colors:
    1. 11 Black Inks
    2. 1 Navy Blue Ink
    3. 9 Reflex Blue Inks
    4. 6 Green Inks
    5. 7 Teal Inks
    6. 7 Maroon Inks
    7. 10 Red Inks
    8. 6 Purple Inks
    9. 2 Gold Inks - looks like Metallic Army Green
    10. 2 Yellow Inks
  • 6 Rolls of Masters

NOTE:  Not everything that is listed is shown in the photos ... there is LOTS more than what is actually shown to this complete set ... However, EVERYTHING that we have for these machines will be included ... YOU WILL NEED A LARGE TRUCK TO HAUL EVERYTHING.

You will need to pick up the Thermography Equipment in Independence, Iowa.



Company Name : Midwest Craft Connection
City and State : Independence, IA
We have many gifts, crafts, and crafting supplies available on our website AND in our NEW Independence (Iowa) Gifts and Crafts Retail Store ... Come visit us Today at 1611 First Street West in Independence, Iowa. We ship all items out within 48 hours of cleared payment.

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