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Luscious Purse Bag
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Anna Miller

Seller :   Anna Miller
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Luscious Purse Bag


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Luscious Stylish Purse Bag - Price $54

This bag is made of several colorful coordinated fabrics quilted together to create the beautiful pattern on the front and on the back of the bag. The inside is lined with more cheerful cotton and features a side pocket. The top closes with a 14 inch zipper. Overall dimensions of the bag are approximately 9 inches tall by 14 inches wide by 4 inches deep, in a wedge shape. The strap is long enough for the bag to hang by your waist/hip depending on how tall you are. I am 5'6" and it hits right between my waist and hips. I am making a whole line of these bags - they are wonderfully soft and versatile. I've used the one that I made first on a daily basis for the last 3 months and it is very easy to carry. The cotton strap "grips" your shirt instead of irritatingly sliding off your shoulder like so many bags do. This bag features a custom made ribbon flower attached to the front and a silver charm hanging from the strap ring. I name all the crafted bags according to what the colors and patterns remind me of while I make them. This one is "Luscious" - as the colors of this bag remind me of a lush flower bouquet made entirely out of sweet smelling flowers.



Company Name : Anna Miller
City and State : NEEDS UPDATED, IA
Stained Glass Tile and Glass Candle Holders, as well as, fashionable bags and purses.

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