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15 Imperfect Note Pads
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Hunter Creative Group

Seller :   Tammy Hunter
Location :   Independence, IA 50644
Email :   thunter@huntercreativegroup.com
Website :   https://www.HunterCreativeGroup.com
Phone :   319-334-7139
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15 Imperfect Note Pads


Online Only


This lot of 15 Note Pads is imperfect but still very usable!  Each note pad is approximately 4.25" wide x 5.5" high with approximately 40 sheets per pad and a chipboard back. 

These 'imperfect' note pads are simply note pads with misprinted papers or mis-measured cuts (the majority of the notebooks have perfectly fine pages but a couple of the sheets do have misprints - or the note pad was cut a fraction too short) ... still perfectly usable but they could not be sent to the original customer with small print issues or imperfect cut sizes.  We keep a close eye on the printing and cutting, and try our hardest not to waste, but machines gliche - and sometimes we step away from the printer and don't catch the low toner quick enough.  So, instead of throwing these note pads in the landfill, we are offering them to the public at a highly discounted rate.  We will not send any custom print work to our customers that is not 100% perfect.

The print issues are nothing more than the words or logo may be lighter due to low toner, or incorrect coloring or shading, etc.  The majority of the pads only have issues on a few of the pages (enough to take away from the 40 pages per pad, rendering the pad as imperfect) so the rest of the pad may be perfectly fine.

We have examples, that would be worse-case scenario shown in the photo.  You won't get these specific pads, they are only representative of the worst-case imperfections that you could get.  In most cases, there are only a few sheets out of the whole pad that will even be messed up.  If there are any imperfections, we do not give these to our clients.

Items will ship within 48 hours via USPS Priority Mail with Tracking.



Company Name : Hunter Creative Group
City and State : Independence, IA
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