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Convert VHS Tapes to DVD
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Hunter Creative Group

Seller :   Tammy Hunter
Location :   Independence, IA 50644
Email :   thunter@huntercreativegroup.com
Website :   https://www.HunterCreativeGroup.com
Phone :   319-334-7139
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Convert VHS Tapes to DVD


Online Only


Did you know that, even now, your old VHS tapes are breaking down and losing picture/image quality ?!  Why not have them converted with Hunter Creative Group.

Those old VHS players are almost obsolete.  Once they are gone, they'll be gone forever.  Luckily, DVD's have a much longer life expectancy and you won't have to worry about the tape-player eating the DVD, as it will eventually do in the VHS player.

What are you waiting for ... Contact Hunter Creative Group Today to convert your VHS tapes to DVD.  We will convert it in the highest quality settings available on our professional converter system.

Having your memories on DVD enables you to easily copy and share those old memories with family and friends so they can enjoy them once again, too!

*  Please note that while we provide superior quality on our converting services, if the video has already started to deteriorate from heat, humidity, and just time in general, we cannot improve the quality from what is already there ... we can only digitize the current quality so that it doesn't break down further over time.

**  Your original VHS tape will be returned along with your digital copies.

***  This is an all-inclusive cost (not including a flat rate shipping of $17.50 for USPS Priority Mail with Tracking, regardless of how many vhs tapes need to be shipped back to you) ... we do not have 'hidden' charges for necessities related to the conversion process.

****  Unlike some digital converting companies, we do not limit each VHS to 2 hours of digital transfer because we know that you want ALL of your memories to be transferred.  However, due to the varied lengths of time on various VHS tapes, additional cost will apply after the initial 2 hours of conversion time.  Any additional time, that exceeds the initial 2 hours, will be charged at $15.00 per each additional hour of converting.




Company Name : Hunter Creative Group
City and State : Independence, IA
Affordable website services with superior web hosting, professional design and printing, plus more to help you grow your business. Contact us at (319) 334-7139. We, also, offer photo and document scanning, VHS-to-DVD conversions, Dell (TM) Computer and Server Sales, and more!

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