Easy step-by-step instructions for how to make decoupage crafts


by Debbie Butler


Decoupage is a great way to give a cheery new look to an old can, bench, dresser... the list goes on. Many times this can be done with things that you already have around the house. Paper, stickers, buttons, yarn and a little white glue and you are set. I have chosen to decoupage a can for the grandkids crayons.


Supplies Needed:

White Glue





Paint Brush

Damp Cloth


It's best to have a design idea in mind before you get started. Items that have a flat surface like glass may be inlaid, (or molded flush with the surface), by pouring the concrete over them. Some items, like marbles are best pushed into the wet concrete after it is poured into the mold and some of you may prefer to glue items on after the concrete has dried.


As always, you want to start with a clean and dry surface.

You may want to spray paint the surface to insure the colors below don't show through your paper. It must be completely dry before you move on to the next step.

Cut out any pictures or shapes that you will be using and place them on the surface to get an idea about placement. There are no rules - overlapping or spacing is completely up to you.

Thin some white glue with water. I like to use three-parts glue and one-part water. Mix well.

With your paint brush spread a thin coat on the area to be covered. Work in areas small enough to keep the glue wet as you go. Position your paper and then spread another thin layer over the paper.

Keep a damp cloth handy as this gets a little messy on your fingers.

Allow to dry and cover the whole area in the glue mix again, this will protect the paper and form a nice seal. Do this several times, allowing to dry completely in between coats.





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