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About Midwest Craft Connection

In 2009, Midwest Craft Connection began as a hobby website for crafters to sell their handmade crafts online.  Our focus was to offer gift-quality crafts that are 'Made in the USA'.

We started out listing crafts, on our website, for other sellers.  We were (quickly) inundated with so many requests to add crafts that we could not keep up. 
So, we updated our website and added functionality to give craft vendors the ability to add and maintain their own crafts on our website.

A funny thing happened ... we began getting more phone calls asking 'Where is Midwest Craft Connection?'.  And, in January (2014), we noticed that our website generated over 2.2 Million hits!  With such website popularity, we decided to open up an actual retail store that was available by appointment only.  Then, when COVID hit, we closed it.

Today, craft vendors can still sell and manage their own crafts on our website.

Our goal remains the same ... We want to help all American Crafters start successful craft businesses.  We want to enable you to make your crafts and earn a living by doing something you are passionate about and truly enjoy.  We offer crafters an ability to sell original crafts and other craft items online.  We know that it's much easier to start up a small business with help!  And, we believe that it really is possible to earn a living doing what you love!

We, also, want to provide shoppers (as well as store owners and retail store managers) with a place to go to buy gift-quality craft items that are reasonably-priced, uniquely original, and, most importantly, crafts that are actually ''Made in the USA.''

As such, we've become a crafting resource for many craft vendors, craft show organizers, and shoppers looking for gift-quality gifts and crafts. Our website has many unique, hard-to-find specialty gift-craft items that are 'made in the USA', as well as, offers useful information on local craft shows, craft fairs, crafting classes and other events located all throughout the USA.

So, if you've ever dreamed about turning your hobby into a career, or just want to work from home for a little extra income, now is the perfect time to get started - and, we want to help you succeed!